Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Get a little Captain in your Portfolio

So last week I bought GM stock. Seemed to be reasonably priced, and if me and Warren Buffet are thinking the same investment is a good one, I can't be that far off. I plan on holding onto GM for a good long time. They are currently paying a dividend I can reinvest elsewhere and while I think its a long road ahead, I see good things from American Cars again. I like that Chevy has more diesels (so VW no longer holds the field for non-luxury brand sedans), GM has more hybrids, and they're turning a lot of bad press about recalls into sales on cars (through the use of $500 discounts.)

Today I made my second Buy 'n Hold purchase. Using my tracker spreadsheet (which I'll discuss in a different post), A stock I liked called Diageo came up at a good value. Diageo is the brand holder for some serious Adult Beverage firepower, including my personal favorite Captain Morgan, and also several brands used al over my family like Crown Royal and Smirnoff. I have no fear these brands are going anywhere.

Diageo was trading 10% off its 52 week high, and its P/E ratio was below 20. These are two of my clues to investigate a stock to see if its a value. I purchased it at $118.87, so we'll check back in a few months and see if I chose wisely.

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