Friday, September 5, 2014

Dollar Shave Club Review

About a year ago I decided to try out the Dollar Shave Club to try and save some money. Having used this for a year I'll tell you the good and the bad. I generaly used the Gillette brand razors before hand, and I liked the four bladed variety, but the sheer cost was pretty damn high. I would use a razor for about three weeks, then grab a fresh one. I shave every other day unless there's an event, so I got twelve shaves per razor.

Dollar Shave Club is simple and cheap. The concept is that they will send you a new four-pack of razors every month. Costs are as low as $3/month, although that is misleading, since with the cheapest razors you need to pay shipping. I use the four-bladed razors, which come ina four-pack for $6/month, but have free shipping.

The Bad
  • The razors do not last as long. They start out as sharp as any new blade, but whether through thinner material, lower quality metal, quality control. They are only good for about 6-7 shaves before I start wanting a new one.
  • They constantly want you to add some of their other products (shaving butter, aftershave, "One Wipe Charlies" aka baby wipes for men). They email you every month to see if you want these included in your purchase.
The Good
  • At this price, I always have a sharp razor to use and I don't mind changing it out. While the razors don't last as long, One four pack and last me a month and a half. By month three I had a small surplus built up, which leads to the next good thig
  • You can switch to every other month delivery. I did this when I grew my beard out for a few months, or when my surplus got a bit big. Its easy to do, one click in settings and its done.
  • Free handle just for signing up, based on past experience, thats worth trying it for a month for a razor handle you can travel with.
So in conclusion, I like the Dollar Shave Club, it saves me money, and a sharp razor means less shaving rash. It's worth $6 to give it a try.

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