About this site

I’ve been making websites on and off for over 20 years. I started at Angelfire when they opened in 1996, then moved to Geocities for a few years before settling at Fuitadnet for a while. Then I jumped to ipage for 5-6 years running a Wordpress blog. For the last few years, I was at Blogger because it was easy and free.

“Thanks for the worthless history lesson Buda, but, who cares?”

Fair point, but the reason I say all of that is I’ve been around the block and having wasted a lot of time chasing after the next thing, I wanted to get back to basics. I’ve moved over to Github Pages because a) it’s free, b) open to all sorts of hand-coding options, c) lets me share my code with you if your interested (you can see everything at https://github.com/thebuda/thebuda.github.io, and d) is helping me learn more and more.

So What are my goals for this website? Well, here’s what I wrote down when I started.

1) It needs to be a site I can use to collect my own notes and information to refer back to. If I make a Ukulele Tab and want to open it up on my phone, I should be able to use my own site. Same thing for recipes or snippets of code.

2) I hate when recipe sites make you read through five pages of sloppy writing, long boring narratives about the invention of this or that sub-par dish they “whipped up.” A good recipe site should be fast, easy to read, easy to print.

3) While I’d love to have crazy cash rolling in, I’m not a blogger, and this isn’t my job. It’s a hobby, and I need to acknowledge that. While I may link to occasional products, it’s going to be because it eases the understanding of the reader, not because I want to make money. So there will be no ads on this site, no Google Analytics, no Patreon links. If you find some use in what you find here, just tell your friends.

About me

I’m a licensed Professional Engineer, living in Virginia and working in Government Acquisition. My hobbies include this non-sense, reading fantasy novels, gardening, and occasionally hiking.

Contact me

I hate spam, so I’m not one to put my personal email address out there. If you’d like to contact me, please use Twitter (@thebuda).

You can also message me on Reddit at u/Thebuda/ if you’re not a Twitter user.

And if any of this was helpful you can send me a crypto tip to below wallet addresses:

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