Python Game Programing

I decided, given some free time in the evenings, I would work on my programming skills some more. In general I find it easier to learn with a project in mind then just following a lesson on methods, so I chose to make a game.

I’m actually pretty happy with how it turned out with only a few evenings work. I even went and made my own (crappy) graphics for it, just to claim its all mine. The coding was a fun exercise in problem solving, with loops within loops, a scaling difficulty, and some random movement. There’s nothing here a real programmer, or even a comp sci major, would be impressed by, but its all mine and I like it. I drew out my general game loop and I think it’s worth posting because its applicable to pretty much every basic game you could make.

Sadly, despite my best efforts, I could not get the thing to package itself into an EXE file to share it on I tried PyInstaller and Py2Exe, I adjusted PATH info, reinstalled python twice, but just couldn’t get it to go. So it will stay in it’s more natural form as a python script.

If anyone wants to play it, or clone it and modify it, here’s the link to it’s GitHub home: